Giving a Boost to Our Upcoming Middle Schoolers

Volunteering Not Only Feels Good, WINGS Leaders Prove it Looks Good, too

mlk day project showcases creativity and kindness


You’ve seen stories like this before, where teachers or parents paint reaffirming messages in the bathroom stalls of middle or high schools in an effort to boost confidences and morale.

What makes this project different and extra special is that our WINGS Leaders beautified the bathrooms at Jean Childs Young Middle School –  an Atlanta Public Schools middle school that one of our program sites – Emma Hutchinson Elementary – feeds into. As our WINGS kids at Hutchinson graduate and move into middle school, they will have daily reminders of the WINGS Leaders who believe in them and see their full potential.  From motivational quotes like “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it” by Dr. Maya Angelou to a portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr – our staff filled each bathroom specifically with our WINGS kids in mind. Each quote is rooted in lessons of self-awareness, perseverance, and kindness.