I’ve Been Ready to Give Up Countless Times

Staff Story: Caty, 2018

“I can honestly say WINGS is the best thing I’ve ever done.” – Caty

“People often ask me how I do this job [WINGS Leader]. I feel as if that’s the wrong question to ask. When I think back on my life so far, I cannot remember a time when I’ve felt happier or more fulfilled than with WINGS.

It’s hard to list the many reasons why I decided to become a WINGS Leader, why I show up every day more excited than the last to see my kids learn real-world skills like patience, the importance of hard work, and the multitudes that can be achieved just by working as a team – and why I stay.

I’ve been ready to give up countless times, downtrodden by pervasive thoughts like  ‘I’ll never reach my kids,’ only to be consistently pulled back by my close-knit family of staff who encourages me to be my best self and by doing that, become the best mentor.

I’ve watched my kindergartners grow, change, and learn to listen to their peers.  We are on the ground floor each day, doing genuine grunt work – filling in the gaps at school with mentorship.  Right before my eyes, everything comes together every day. The battles I thought I lost were silently won, and we’ve learned to be a cohesive unit. Public service isn’t at all glamorous or flashy, but I can honestly say that WINGS is the best thing I’ve ever done.” #wingsforkids#americorps #publicservice