More Books, More Skills: How Businesses are Making a Difference in the Lowcountry

Monetary donations are not the only way to give back to communities,  as three regional businesses recently showed. A New Earth Project, Ingevity, and SouthState Bank are helping us stretch our “WINGS” even further by donating a total of 400 new children’s books to students in the Lowcountry. Without hesitation, these three businesses jumped at the opportunity to bring more lessons in life skills into their communities.

“We understand the critical skills that kids need to succeed in school and beyond. WINGS teaches these skills through their programs, and reinforces the positive messages in a kid-friendly book. For us, supporting the program was an obvious YES.” – Monifa Ellington, Community Relations Manager at Ingevity.

Through their generous donations of I Soar with Wings, kids are introduced to Words to Live By—the seven-stanza poem used to teach the five core competencies of SEL in kid-friendly language. Words to Live By helps kids understand and regulate their emotions, make good decisions, take responsibility for their actions, and promote positive relationships—among other life skills necessary to grow and thrive. The intention when developing I Soar with Wings was to spread Words to Live By far and wide, giving more kids (and adults) access to the words that have helped shape the lives of so many through Wings for Kids’ afterschool programs, curriculum, and workshops.

Now, as we partner with these generous companies, our mission of bringing essential life skills to more children is becoming a reality—one book at a time. “We are so grateful to have amazing partners like Ingevity, A New World Project, and SouthState Bank,” says WINGS Development Manager Rachael Hochberg. “It’s gifts like these that stick with kids year after year. All kids deserve the opportunity to learn these skills in an easy way. We’re hoping I Soar with Wings will become a tangible way for more businesses to help growing students in their communities transform into well-rounded adults.”

Here are some simple ways to get more books into the hands of children in your community:

  • Connect: Know a business that’s looking for new initiatives or opportunities to give back? Reach out and join forces with community-oriented businesses in your city or region that would love the chance to lend a helping hand.
  • Inspire: Are you a business owner? Channel your passion and inspire your community by supporting a cause close to your heart. A donation of I Soar with Wings to the kids in your community will demonstrate your company’s values and social responsibility to stakeholders. In fact, companies that commit to philanthropy enjoy higher employee morale, a stronger public image, and stronger customer loyalty. It’s a win-win!
  • Boost: Are you loyal to a brand you love? What if your favorite brand could support one of your favorite causes? *Chef’s kiss* Often, your #1 brands do a call for causes to support – especially on social media. Tag us, share with us, LET US KNOW! @wingsforkids across all platforms.
  • Share: Parents: Do you know a teacher, classroom, school, or library that needs a copy of I Soar with Wings on their bookshelf? Share this page with them and let’s make sure the book lovers in your life have a copy! 

If you have questions, we have answers. Contact us for more information.