Social Emotional Learning

Our Approach to Social Emotional Learning


All learning is social and emotional and every opportunity is ripe for social and emotional skill development. We use an early and comprehensive approach grounded in the principles of positive youth development and evidence-based social emotional learning practices to foster the mindsets, skills, and confidence within each child to behave well, make good decisions, and build healthy relationships – skills necessary for success in school and life. Our approach provides a unique depth of implicit and explicit teaching by weaving social emotional learning throughout the program time or school day.

Three Pillars: Culture, Adult Skills, Curriculum

Words to Live By

“I Soar with WINGS!” is the foundation for everything we say, do, and teach in our programs – providing a common language that staff and kids alike can relate to. Each phrase, a mini-lesson in itself, summarizes one of the five core competencies in kid-friendly language that can be used to guide behavior, choices, interactions with others, and responses to life’s circumstances. Each day our programs start with these words to live by – recited together by the youngest of kindergartners to the most seasoned of teachers.