Social Emotional Learning

Bring Social Emotional Learning to Your Organization

We’re spreading our WINGS across America.

As part of our mission to reach as many kids as possible with high-quality social emotional learning, we are committed to spreading our WINGS far and wide. We wish we could provide WINGS to every child in need. Instead, we are expanding our reach by empowering others to use our social emotional learning best practices.

Our Workshops, Partner Projects, and Resources are for youth-serving organizations and schools that want to integrate social emotional learning into their program time. We provide consultation, training, and technical assistance for districts, schools, and youth-serving organizations who are ready to take a comprehensive approach to embed social emotional learning in the afterschool time, school day, or both. Together, we can help kids soar!

A Comprehensive Approach

Not all social emotional learning programs are equal. We take a comprehensive approach by fostering a positive culture and climate, extensive training, integrating social emotional learning through all activities, and an explicit curriculum to develop skills across the five social emotional learning core competencies. Our approach is backed by rigorous external evaluation and can be used in tandem with other focus areas such as art, STEM, or Common Core.

With more than 25 years operating programs in Title 1 elementary schools, we know what it takes. You have to live it before you can teach it. In order for children to best develop social emotional competence they need to interact with teachers and mentors who model the competencies through their own behaviors and teaching practices. That’s why our approach starts with adult skills and practices. Once the adults comprehend and internalize these skills, they are then able to transfer their skills and knowledge in their capacity as educators and mentors.


Empowering Others with Social Emotional Learning Best Practices

Workshops can be in a live, virtual format, or in-person, based on your needs and resources. All workshops are approximately 90-120+ minutes unless otherwise stated.

To empower youth workers and organizations with the knowledge and skills to strengthen their own programming with social emotional learning (SEL), WINGS has designed interactive and engaging professional development sessions using best practices and our research-based approach to social emotional learning and behavior management.

Our workshops cover instructional techniques to boost adult and youth SEL and provide practical and easy-to-use tools applicable to any environment. These sessions are beneficial for full- and part-time staff who work with youth of all ages.

Available Workshops

Workshop locations

For the 2022-23 school year, workshops will be in a live, virtual format, approximately 90-120+ minutes OR in-person, based on your comfort level and COVID protocols. 


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Partner Projects

Working Together to Help Kids Soar

Social emotional learning can be integrated into any type of program activity—during the school day or in afterschool programs. We help organizations implement and build capacity for social emotional learning initiatives that are high-quality and high impact. We work closely with districts, schools, nonprofits, and community based organizations to create comprehensive initiatives through a proven instructional model, social emotional learning platform, and powerful professional development. In every Partner Project we share our expertise and resources to guide you step-by-step through design, implementation, and sustainability.

Partner Project engagements are typically two to three years in length. Throughout each phase we work in partnership with you to determine how to integrate social emotional learning into your culture, work with teachers individually and in groups to incorporate new practices, and weave social emotional learning into daily interactions with students.

Services Included:
  • Planning and Design: Readiness assessment, consultation, project design and scope of work.
  • Professional Development: Engaging training sessions to ensure competency, confidence, and success.
  • Implementation Resources: Multi-day kick off, coaching, online resource center, and consultation to operationalize components and practices.
  • Evidence-Based Curriculum and Materials: Time-tested, practical, and easy-to-use materials applicable for new educators as well as those with extensive teaching experience.
  • Quality and Effectiveness: Tools to monitor implementation and ongoing quality, as well as resources for assessing how the initiative is achieving intended results.

Project Phases

Project Pricing

Each project is unique and pricing varies based on the number of sites
and overall project scope.

Partner Project Inquiries

The first step in bringing WINGS to your school or organization is to send us
a Partner Project Inquiry. Please note that at this time priority
consideration will be given to multi-year initiatives.

Partner Project Inquiry

Learn, Grow, Soar.

The Wings for Kids digital platform offers everything you need to get started or continue your social emotional learning practices. This extensive library is filled with age-appropriate, simple-to-use resources and tools for students, teachers, and anyone who wants to strengthen their skills.

A Look Inside:

Digital Platform Pricing

Preview our digital platform by creating a FREE account. You’ll have access to:

  • 15 SEL Games and Activities
  • 5 Lesson Plans (K-5)
  • Full video library
  • Dozens of curated resources to help you begin your SEL journey

Upgrade to our PREMIUM version and get unlimited access to our extensive library of resources:

  • 150+ Games and Activities
  • Dozens of easy-to-use lesson plans
  • Collection of videos created to help guide educators
  • Full resource library with tips, techniques, and more!

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Social Emotional Learning Resources

Sharing What Works

Our goal at WINGS is to help kids become the most well-rounded individuals they can be. We are happy to share a few of our favorite techniques and resources with you!

Recommended Resources

Organizations We’ve Served

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  • Association of Professional Humane Educators, CA
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters, WY
  • BOOST Greenville, SC
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove, CA
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, GA
  • Center for Schools and Communities, PA
  • Centers for Success, MI
  • Charleston County School District, SC
  • Des Moines School District, IO
  • Detroit SAY Play, MI
  • Douglas County Schools, CO
  • Georgia Afterschool & Youth Development, GA
  • Georgia Department of Education, GA
  • Greenville County School District, SC
  • Holy Innocents Episcopal School, GA
  • Horizons Atlanta, GA
  • Kaiser Permanente Educational Theater, CA
  • Kids on Point, SC
  • Illinois Afterschool Network, IL
  • Laurens County School District 55, SC
  • Michigan Afterschool Association, MI
  • Neighborhood Focus, SC
  • Oxford Circle Christian Development Association, PA
  • Playmates Preschools and Child Development Centers, WV
  • Pomona Unified School District, CA
  • Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, NV
  • River Terrace Education Campus, Washington D.C.
  • The ASK Program, WY
  • The PRACTICE Program, WY
  • United Way of Greater Chattanooga, TN
  • Westmark School, CA
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, WI
  • Wyoming Afterschool Alliance, WY
  • Wyoming Department of Education, WY
  • YDRC Summer Learning Insititute, MI
  • YMCA Greenville, SC
  • Youth Policy Institute, CA