Core Competencies

Core Competencies

The Collaborative for Social Emotional Learning, known as CASEL, is the leading organization advancing the promotion of integrated academic, social, and emotional learning for all children in preschool through high school. We use CASEL’s five core competencies of social emotional learning.


Understanding your emotions and thoughts and how they influence your behavior.
Skills include: identifying emotions, self-perception, recognizing strengths, self-confidence, and self-efficacy.

Self-efficacy is the belief in your ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplishment of a task. 


The ability to regulate your emotions and behaviors in different situations and to set and work toward goals.
Skills include: executive function and self-regulation, stress-management, and self-discipline.

Executive function and self-regulation are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. Our brains need this skill set to filter distractions, prioritize tasks, set and achieve goals, and control impulses. 

Responsible Decision-Making

The ability to make positive choices and take responsibility for positive and negative outcomes.
Skills include: identifying problems, analyzing situations, solving problems, and reflection.

Social Awareness

The ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others.
Skills include: empathy, appreciating differences, and respect.

Relationship Skills

The ability to establish and maintain healthy and meaningful relationships with others.
Skills include: communicating clearly, listening, cooperation, resisting negative pressure, resolving conflicts, and supporting one another.


We take a fun and fresh approach to describe the five core competencies and skills. “I Soar with WINGS!” is the foundation for everything we say, do, and teach – providing a common language that both adults and kids can relate to. Each phrase, a mini-lesson in itself, summarizes one of the core competencies in kid-friendly language and makes it easy to apply the skills to guide behavior, choices, interactions with others, and responses to life’s circumstances. We think these are words to live by – at school, at work, and at home! Learn More >