Are You an Influencer? Be One!

Picture this: you’re working a job that actually makes a difference. You’re part of a team that is all about helping kids develop social emotional skills. You’re boosting your own skill set because you’re helping teach SEL everyday by modeling positive behaviors and practicing with kids. Each day you learn something new about yourself and the kids you lead. It’s more than just a paycheck and you feel really proud at the end of the day.

We know, it sounds too good to be true.

But when you work at Wings for Kids, the rewards are real. Talk to any staff member and they will tell you: kids can be challenging, but the benefits are extraordinary.

Growing with WINGS

“At first, I was just looking for a job and didn’t know what WINGS was all about,” says Albert’nique Howard, former WINGS Leader and current Programs Manager in Atlanta, GA. “My first year as a WINGS Leader was tough, it was something I had never done before. But I persevered because I wanted to be the best I could be for the kids. I wanted to have an impact on my community and be the adult that I needed growing up.” 

Albert’nique feels confident her role at WINGS is making a difference in students’ lives. “I know that if these students have positive adults who are willing to be good role models and invest in them, they can be anything they want to be in life.” 

WINGS leader helps student with homework

What Makes WINGS Unique

The WINGS culture is built on our Words to Live By—the kid-friendly language we use to teach the skills of SEL. This pledge is recited by everyone in the organization, from the CEO to students. We believe empowering staff to build social emotional skills in themselves empowers our kids. “What makes WINGS unique is how intentional we are about the culture and the climate we look to create for the very place that drives us all, which is the kids we serve. One aspect of this is ensuring the adults understand and can model the skills. No work we do with the kids is as valuable as it would be if we did not do that same work with the adults—the stewards and models of what it is that we are trying to achieve,” says Cheryl Hollis, Chief Program Officer.  

Working with kids brings a contagious joy that can brighten even the toughest of days. There is something truly special about witnessing a child’s growth, confidence, and resilience as they develop essential skills to navigate the complexities of life. When you work with us, you become part of a community dedicated to fostering the emotional well-being of kids and empowering them to thrive. 

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