What. A. Year.

Adaptability, Stability, and Success – Reimagined in 20-21

– Jolie Logan

Chief Operating Officer


There was no lack of challenge over the past year. We made the commitment at the beginning of the pandemic to do whatever we could to help our kids and their families and to support our staff. We like to think we’ve had a year of opportunities to really flex our adaptability and creativity muscles – and we’re stronger now because of it!

  1. The program team navigated uncharted territory and figured out how best to provide WINGS programming virtually. But seeing kids, parents, and schools struggling, the team found additional ways to help – from lending a hand to teachers during the school day to making sure families had food, to providing hot spots so kids were able to get online for virtual school – they made sure everyone felt the support of the WINGS family.
  2. Educators (and parents) recognize – now more than ever – that social emotional learning (SEL) isn’t just nice to have, it’s a must-have.
    We are all in agreement that kids need the tools to cope, understand their emotions, and persevere when faced with challenges. As educators all over the country looked for SEL resources, we found ourselves perfectly positioned to meet the high demand because of our partnership with Discovery Education.
    Soar with Wings – an online suite of resources for K-5 educators and parents – reached 1.7 MILLION kids this past year! And the numbers keep climbing as more people turn to WINGS for effective SEL tools.
  3. The pandemic required WINGS to reimagine how we operate and serve, and we’re so grateful for the many lessons we learned along the way.
    As front-line workers at schools, in homes, and as members of the communities we serve – we’re meeting kids, parents, and teachers where they are, and being fiscally nimble and flexible – we saw success in reimagined ways.