12 Prompts for Social Emotional Summer Learning

Weave SEL into Playing Games and Summer Reading

Summer is almost here – cue panic and excitement. For many kids, summer represents playing outside, staying up late, camps, vacations, and an overall less-structured day. For parents, caregivers, and camp or program staff, building in social emotional learning (SEL) lessons is easy to do in the unscripted summer moments.

Build-up self-awareness, responsible decision making, and relationship skills by following activities or games with questions like:


  1. What is a strength of yours that made this activity/game easy for you?
  2. What is a weakness of yours that made this activity difficult for you?
  1. What emotion did you feel when (event in story) happened? Have you ever felt that emotion before? When?
  2. What is something (character) does when he/she is feeling excited? Silly? Joyful? Surprised? Proud?


Responsible Decision Making

  1.  Can you share an example of a step you needed to think about before you acted?
  2. Now that you’ve completed this activity, what choice would you change if you could?
  1. Did any character struggle to make a decision in the book? What do you think he/she should have done?
  2. What different ending could the story have had if a different choice was made?


Relationship Skills

  1. Who was someone who supported you? Please share and give them positive feedback (if applicable).
  2. How did your group listen to one another and make sure everyone was heard?
  1. What were some ways the characters worked together?
  2. What was one way the group compromised in the story?


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