About Us


We’re serious about our work and serious about having fun.

We are very intentional about our culture – the culture in the program as well as the culture of our administrative office – and it shows in all that we do: the language we use, the policies we set, the expectations we have of everyone on the team. We call it “WINGSY” and it’s woven through every aspect of the organization.

Language is an important element of our culture and in this case we might take it to the extreme: we’re always “Flying High,” we’re “Flappy to See You,” our meetings are “Soar Sessions,” our corporate office is called “Soarporate,” and we “Let Our Wings Out” when we meet new people.

We are very focused and have to work hard to hit the high goals we set. So, we also try to infuse a little fun-factor where we can. Our offices are all equipped with a “Compliment Corner,” where staff post praise about one another. We “Stop, Drop, and Roll” when others need a hand or support. If you were to visit our office on a Friday, you would be invited to join us for “Family Lunch,” our weekly ritual of gathering around the family table to share a meal. (Ok, it’s actually the conference room table but on Fridays, or other special days, it’s our family table.)

The WINGS culture is even more evident at our program sites. When you walk into a WINGS program there is an unmistakable energy, we call it a vibe. Similar to the family environment we foster at Soarporate, in our programs we want our kids to feel like WINGS is their home away from home – a place where they belong and feel safe, and a place to have fun!

We practice what we teach, so at WINGS, the first expectation of every employee is to embody our Words to Live By in daily interactions with one another and with the kids in the program.

Are you ready to soar with WINGS?

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