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Let us take you on a visit to see a WINGS program in action.

The best way to understand the power of our work is to see it in action at one of our WINGS Afterschool sites. Our programs operate every day of the school year from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM. We typically take guests to visit the program at the beginning of the program day when all the kids are together for Community Unity. This is a great opportunity to hear the objective being focused on for the week, observe how we make learning engaging and fun, and witness the kids saying (or more likely shouting!) in unison how they SOAR WITH WINGS!

To schedule a visit please contact:

Rachael Hochberg: or (843) 608-8641

A Glimpse of the magic

Raven is a third-grader in one of our toughest schools. On a hot Thursday afternoon this fall, Raven was fidgety and fiesty after a long day at school. Raven has attended WINGS since kindergarten. Most days, she loves spending her afternoons with her WINGS Leader and friends. But today, not so much. Today, she repeatedly disrupts her nest (a small group of 10 to 12 kids), pouting and grumbling every time she hears something she doesn’t like. But instead of reprimanding her, Kendyl, her WINGS Leader and an undergraduate student, asks Raven to identify the emotion she might be feeling. “Angry and frustrated,” Raven huffs, cutting her dark brown eyes sharply and jutting out her chin. Kendyl gives her a high-five for being able to say how she is feeling, and they talk briefly about why she is frustrated and what other emotions she might be having. Kendyl isn’t simply trying to defuse or contain a group distraction; she is zeroing in on a teachable moment about self-awareness.