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Responsible Decision-Making

Skills like identifying problems, taking ownership, solving problems, reflection


As we all settle into new routines – learning from home, working from home (thank you essential workers!), and spending endless hours together in shared spaces – we have a sneaking suspicion you’re experiencing a full range of emotions. We are, too! This is normal, healthy, and expected. So, what better time to intentionally practice – and grow – our social emotional skills?

We’ve put together a list of resources for you and your kids, broken down by competency and grade level. Below you will find a book to read with follow-up questions, discussion prompts for family mealtime, and a hands-on activity – all centered on responsible decision-making.

We hope these social emotional resources find a place in your new routine and allow you and your family to have fun while checking-in with each other’s emotional health. #We’reAllInThisTogether

For Grades K-2

💡 book to read

 What if Everybody Did That? by Ellen Javernick | Read-aloud version

Four Follow-up Questions:

  1. What are some bad choices we saw him make?
  2. Why do you think everyone asked him “What if everybody did that?”
  3. Can you think of a choice you made recently that wasn’t a good one? 
  4. What is one good choice you can make today?

💡Table talk & dinner prompts

Use mealtime intentionally as a check-in time 

  • What is one choice you made this week that helped someone else?
  • What is one choice you made this week that you wish you could go back and change?
  • What is something you’ve done this week that you are proud of?


Two Truths and a Lie Remix

Goal: To help your child take ownership of the choices they make

  1. Explain that you both will share two things you each did and one thing you each did not. Remind your child that these things can be positive or negative choices.
  2. The other person must guess which one is the lie and see if they can guess correctly.
  3. Remix: Play this game over the phone or online with a friend or family member.

For Grades 3-5

💡CLIp to watch

Pep Talk from Kid President | Clip here

Four Follow-Up Questions:

  1. What was Kid President encouraging everyone to do?
  2. What are some good choices you can make today that would make Kid President proud?
  3. Who is someone you know that makes good choices like the ones Kid President mentioned?
  4. What are some goals you can set for yourself for the future?


💡Table talk & dinner prompts

Use mealtime intentionally as a check-in time 

  • When was a time you worked hard for something?
  • What is a choice you made this week that would make your principal or teacher proud?
  • What is a difficult choice you had to make recently?


Now Starring: Good Choices!

Goal: To encourage others to make good choices

  1. Have your child create a way to encourage others to make good choices through a video, skit, Tik-Tok, or a comic strip
  2. Share their creation with others through email, text, FaceTime or Zoom. Think of it as a virtual pep talk!