Quick Tip: Try Some R&R

Just like us, kids experience a full range of emotions – and they’re not always positive. To help kids control their reactions and feelings in the face of challenges and surprises, we developed a quick tip to stay calm and keep control.


Try some R&R –

  • Reset and determine what is really bothering you

  • Relax your mind and body to try and calm down

We use R&R to teach that
life is full of surprises and different feelings. This tip is rooted in self-management – one of the core competencies of social emotional learning (SEL).

R&R Techniques

To help kids practice R&R, here are a few techniques we utilize: 

  • 3-2-1 Method
    • Breathe in for 3
    • Hold for 2
    • Exhale for 1
  • Forward Fold
    • Allows you to calm down while relieving shoulder/neck tension, calming your mind, and nervous systems
  • Hug
    • Hug yourself or someone you’re comfortable with for 20 seconds
  • Blow
    • Hold out your hands and blow into your palms
    • This helps you slow down, release anger, and focus

Weave R&R Into a Group Game

Social emotional learning can be woven into any activity – reading, homework, sports, and games. Use one of our games – Pick Up Sticks – to put R&R into action. When students begin to get frustrated, have the group stop and try some R&R!

Pick Up Sticks

Supplies: 13 pieces of spaghetti per group

  1. Each group will be given 13 pieces of spaghetti. 
  2. When instructed by the leader, a student or staff will pour the ‘sticks’ into a pile in the middle of the group.
  3. Each kid will take turns picking up one of the ‘sticks’ without moving another one of the sticks.
  4. If another ‘stick’ is moved while a child is trying to pick up a ‘stick’ the group must stand up together and do 3 jumping jacks.
  5. The first group to pick up all of the sticks will be the winners!