Social Emotional Skills for School & Life

A New Program Built to Reach Students Nationwide

We’ve partnered with Discovery Education, the global leader in standards-based digital content for classrooms worldwide, to help us create a new social emotional learning program based on our evidence-based afterschool curriculum. Generously sponsored by the Allstate Foundation, this program provides FREE standards-aligned learning activities for K-5 educators to use in the classroom, during out-of-school programming, or even at home.

A Full Suite of Resources

The Soar with Wings resources below include fun lessons and activities to incorporate into academic subject areas or program time, professional learning videos, and a collection of useful resources and guides for anyone interested in helping kids soar with social emotional skills.

Soar with Wings Elements:

Through the eyes of their peers, students are introduced to the key pillars of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, social awareness, relationship skills. Viewers will meet real-life students who will share “Words to Live By” and how it helps them every day. This video is the first of its kind and takes students from all over the country into a WINGS program to learn directly from other kids what it means to use your social emotional skills.

Virtual Field Trip Companion Guide

Parent Guide

The guide includes an introduction to the Virtual Field Trip, discussion prompts, and family activity. This companion guide is designed to help kids begin to self-reflect and connect with family members during and after viewing the Virtual Field Trip and is designed to extend learning as your family begins to apply social and emotional concepts to your daily lives. Download Guide

Grades: K-2

The guide includes a pre-field trip activity designed to help K-2 students begin to self-reflect and connect with their peers before the Virtual Field Trip. A quick activity is provided to focus students’ attention during the Virtual Field Trip, and the follow-up activity is designed to extend learning as students apply Words to Live By and its concepts to their own lives. Download Guide

Grades: 3-5

During this activity students will describe qualities that make them unique, explain the social and emotional concepts presented during the Virtual Field Trip and apply the concepts of Words to Live By to their own daily lives. Download Guide

Words to Live By

Teach your students Words to Live By to reinforce the five core competencies – self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, social awareness, and relationship skills. Download Words to Live By

Additional Virtual Field Trip resources available at

Social emotional learning has the power to help students develop skills necessary to succeed in school, be prepared for the workforce, and become positive and healthy contributors to society. Explore these ready-to-go, standards-aligned activities designed to build the social emotional skills of elementary students. Each activity features a step-by-step guide and presentation slides. As you prepare to lead these activities, check out the Educator Videos created to help YOU soar!

Strengthen your own social emotional skills with our video series and content that will prepare you to lead meaningful and impactful social emotional learning activities with students.

Videos to Help YOU Soar!

Parents, guardians, and caregivers are key contributors to kids soaring high! Help your children build social emotional skills that will stay with them for a lifetime with these fun, easy-to-use activities.

Zen Zone Family Activity

Promotes Self-Management; Responsible Decision-Making

As a family, talk about what you do when you feel angry, upset, sad, frustrated, or other strong emotions and how you use self-management and responsible decision-making to keep your emotions in check. Download Activity ¿En español? Haga clic aquí.


Dinner Discussion Family Activity

Promotes Self-Awareness; Self-Management; Responsible Decision-Making; Social Awareness; Relationship Skills

Ignite conversation by bringing these discussion starters to your next family meal. As a family, take turns selecting and reading aloud your discussion starter and share your thoughts, answers and experiences. Download Activity ¿En español? Haga clic aquí.

Interested in more of what you see here?

Our goal is to provide practical tools that will empower schools and youth-serving organizations across the country to implement effective social emotional learning. The free Soar with Wings videos, guides, and digital lessons are just the beginning.

Look What’s Coming Soon:

The Wings for Kids Learning Center is your all-access pass to our complete evidence-based curriculum, best practices, and all our tips and tricks for integrating social emotional learning into everyday routines in your classroom or youth program.

An annual subscription provides everything you need to bring social emotional learning to the children in your life:

  • More than 30 professional learning courses. Topics include creating environments where social emotional learning thrives, teaching practices, behavior management strategies, and much more.
  • Step by step guides for incorporating social emotional learning into any classroom or program, including templates, activities, lessons, and assessments.
  • Resources to strengthen your own social emotional skills.
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