How We’re Changing Lives

Changing Lives

Kids, parents, and WINGS Leaders share their stories.

We’re are thrilled when we receive donations and grants. We’re proud when we are highlighted in the media. But when someone tells us how WINGS has changed their life our hearts SOAR!


WINGS gave me something to look forward to and a positive outlook on life. When I was coming up in a negative environment where I saw lots of negative things, I learned it was better to go to WINGS than to be caught up in things in the neighborhood. I stayed in WINGS until the 5th grade and WINGS followed me through middle school, high school, and college graduation.

I may be a firefighter for the City of North Charleston now, but I’m always a WINGS kid at heart. 

– Raheim, WINGS Alum

I want to thank my WINGS Leader because he taught me how to take ownership of my choices.  – 4th Grader



The reason I love WINGS is because we get to do things others don’t.  And, when I’m feeling down they don’t ignore me, they help me.  – 4th Grader

Thank you so much for your diligence with my child. She now takes pride in her work and in being creative.
The WINGS Leaders are truly awesome people with big hearts who are on the right path.  

– Parent of a WINGS Kindergartner

WINGS helped me when I had a lot of conflicts.
Now I have straightened up and I earned a Behavior Improvement award. I love it!  

– 3rd Grader

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