Words to Live By

The WINGS Creed is our mantra, the epitome of our culture, and the foundation of everything we teach.

At the heart of everything we think, say, and do are these seven stanzas. Simply, they are our words to live by. Soaring isn’t just for kids. The adults who serve as mentors and leaders use The WINGS Creed to guide lessons and interactions – a compass to navigate all aspects of life.

I soar with WINGS.
Let me tell you why. I learn lots of
skills that help me reach the sky.

I love and accept who I am on the
inside and know my emotions are
nothing to hide.

Life’s full of surprises that make
me feel different ways.
If I can control myself,
I will have much better days.

I understand the choices I make
should be what’s best for me to do,
and what happens is on me
and not any of you.

I understand that others are unique.
I want to learn more about everyone
I meet. I want to step into their shoes
and see what they are going through.

I am a friend. I support and trust.
Working together is a must.
Kind and caring I will be.
I listen to you. You listen to me.

I soar with WINGS.
I just told you why.
All of these things are why I fly high.

The WINGS Creed in Action: